Knife Skills

Do you look at a photo like the one shown,with all the veggies and get discouraged at all the cutting and chopping that it will entail?  I have watched for a knife skills class to attend, for over a year now, so that we will be more informed to pass on the tips to you…Good News!!! Matthew attended a class a few Saturdays ago, taught by a Chef (I had to teach at the Bosch store, and it wasn’t cheap so we could only afford for one of us to go anyway), he learned some amazing tricks and now we will be passing on the info to you in the upcoming classes.  Matthew wished he would have taken our knives, as the ones provided were awful, thats what we get for having our great Wustof’s!!! Hope to see you all in class for great ways to get all those veggies into the soup pot quickly.


Online Again!

We are all engaged in our new year.  Can you believe it is already the 12th of January?  This first month is a third past.  Last year I finally came to the 20th century techno world of email, now this year I will try to master blogging and keep this blog updated on a semi regular basis.

The photo below is from our Food Storage class last fall, yes we cheated with the fresh herbs, but this looks too good to really be food storage. This is one of our families all time favorites “Chili-ghetti” our kids have loved it so much over the years that they have taken into their homes and it is a staple now on their menus. See what you missed (this photo is to entice you to not miss class)!!!

Now onto the new year…. our next class is the last Thursday of this month January 28th at 7:00 p.m. This class is Soups and More Soups.  We tested our first recipe last night, a very refreshing Vegetable Soup, it was in a light broth that really makes all the veggie flavors be the standout.  It was extra-great because Matthew had it ready when I walked in the door from work. It had only taken him 30 minutes start to finish in the pressure cooker.  For those of you that haven’t made the investment in a pressure cooker yet, come into the Bosch store and let me show you a brand new Kuhn Rikon that is very price-friendly to compete with the economically priced cookers out there, it still has all the quality that we have come to expect with Kuhn Rikon.  Keep the 28th open for a warm cozy evening at the Clark’s kitchen.


A big Thank You to Crystal, my amazing daghter in law, forget the in law part, she is mine… For all the help in getting out the class schedule and trying  to teach an old dog new tricks.

Class Schedule Posted

We are so excited about the new class schedule. A few requested classes and a repeat of the One Pot Meals with all new recipes. A famous guest chef appearance, my Mom, with the best, I kid you not PIES ever!!! A fun night of food and holiday thrown in too, all for our learning, socializing fall/winter semester.


We experimented at class, you know all good chefs should preview each and every recipe before they try to share and teach others!!!, anyhow with a new ingredient fennel. The chicken was divine and the fennel gave it the POP!!! If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot. It has a slight anise flavor (licorice). You simply cut off the base and peel the coarse outer layer with a veggie peeler. KUHN RIKON  peelers are my personal fave.. Wedge and roast along with the whole chicken.

Julie & Julia

Matthew and I went  and  paid full price!!! Can you believe it, I had an accident with a bottle of bleach in our laundry room it sprung a leak and seeped all over, including the tin can I had put coins that were found in the washer over the past 5 or so years, so that was at least $9.00 , so we counted it as not really full price, more buy 1 get one free.


Long story, it was a riot… We both loved it!!! I’m so glad that we both enjoy food, and  know we know that Julia and Paul (her husband were the same). Go see it soon…

Freezer Meals

Thank you for the great support of our trial run freezer meal.  I would love to A) have some feed back on the taste and usablilty. B) would others out there who missed class like to order the meal.  The meal was Chicken Curry in a Hurry for 4 to 6 people. All you add is your own rice Cost $16.00.

Leave a comment here or send an email to me at: lets.eat.cookies at gmail dot com.  Orders will be filled after August 18th.  Thanks again